Contact your Representative to Support the 4% Increase!


The CAC has been asked to advocate for the State Legislature to increase funding by 4%.  Below are the local contacts of the representatives to communicate our support for the 4%. 

We can to contact in person or email. In person is best but an email will do too. 

Senator Steve Glazer

Senator Richard Pan

Assemblymember Catharine Baker

Of course, it would be nice to thank Assemblymember Jim Frazier for his support of this effort.

Also any other State representative is a good contact. You can find them in our advocacy page. 

 As we said in the original mailing, we know this takes time, but the 4% ask is an uphill struggle. We need at least four champions who will speak out and many more who will line up behind them. This is a concentrated effort for the next three weeks.

   There is a download of the suggested email and talking points to cover when contacting your representative. 

   Please email the CAC at  for any questions you may have. 

CAC 4percent (zip)